what? girl. is an experimental graphic publication that explores the meaning of femininity.

The possibilities surrounding the term girl are endless. Conflicting to the conventional pink, frumpy and cherry-picked representation of womanhood, ‘what? girl.’ believes in the raw, the gritty, and the irregular. Its mission is to uncover the true meaning of femininity, bold and exposed.

The publication is a collection of graphics, photography, creative writing, illustration, typography, poetry and collage that attempts to answer the question: 

What does girl mean to you?


TRANSCEND is a graphic publication created to be displayed at BEYOND REALITY: The Festival of Tomorrow presented by Magic Leap (find out more below).

Designed to support the mixed reality experience, the publication integrates with Magic Leap One headsets to display 3D transforming artwork over the publication as if holograms. It aims to give an introductional overview of mixed reality technology and demonstrates how it can be used to enhance experiences.